Intellectual Property – Trademark and patent registration

There are a range of legal protections available to intellectual property owners and producers.

We prepare applications for trademarks and patents both within Australia and internationally. We guide your trademark or patent application from start to finish including preparing and presenting appeals as necessary.

Even if your intellectual property is protected by a registered trademark or patent, it is up to you to enforce these intellectual property rights if there is any infringement.

We work closely with you to understand your business and assist you to create a strategy to identify your intellectual property rights and protect them. Your intellectual property may be one of your most valuable assets. The cost of re-branding if you do not get it right from the start can be significant and far outweigh the cost of seeking advice from the outset

We offer the following intellectual property law services:

  • trademark services – registration and brand protection;
  • business name registration
  • protection of confidential information and trade secrets
  • intellectual property commercialisation and licensing
  • sale and transfer of intellectual property
  • patent commercialisation
  • trademark infringement and enforcement
  • claims relating to misleading and deceptive conduct
  • advertising and marketing campaigns
  • trade promotions

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